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About Us

We're Tom and Jane Johnson. Although we are relatively new to Gorham and to Maine, we've been doing antique furniture restoration since 1979. From February of 1979 to the end of 2008, we had a shop with four or five employees in Newton, Massachusetts. The approaching thirty-year milestone led us to think about making some major changes in our lives. We decided that we wanted to scale back our business and operate a shop on our own property, without employees. In the fall of 2008 we moved to our current home in Gorham, an antique house with an attached workshop as well as a barn.

Tom, 1986

Tom started learning about furniture repair when he was twelve years old, working in his father’s antique restoration shop in Silver Spring, Maryland, for about six years. Although he pursued other interests for a while, he came back to furniture restoration, opening his own shop in Newton in 1979.

Antique furniture restoration runs in the family. Tom's oldest brother, Robert J. Johnson, operated his father’s shop in Maryland until 2018. Tom's youngest brother, Greg, has a shop of his own in Avon, New York. Tom and Jane's daughter, Emily, is an accomplished woodworker herself, having opened a custom framing shop in Portland, Oregon. 

Tom & Jane, 2013

Jane’s involvement in the shop started on occasional weekends, helping Tom with various jobs. After our daughter was born, Jane left her full-time job and started working part-time, taking over all administrative tasks. That continues to be her primary role, although there are many days when she also is in the shop, helping Tom.

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to see Tom at work.

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